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@EoraWasTooShort @reMENgeance Beautiful work! Thanks for all your assistance with @ExtinctionMG, we couldn't be happier with how these animations turned out!
@OldSwifty Looks amazing! We're so glad we were able to get your assistance with @ExtinctionMG!
The @ExtinctionMG Jackal Invasion DLC is now available! Show those jackals whose boss and make them regret ever trying to take over humanity! https://t.co/M8cNHMTOls
No longer shall the Jackals feel insignificant! It is time for the minions to rise up and take what is theirs! Will you be the one to stop them? Check out the Jackal Invasion DLC for @ExtinctionMG! https://t.co/oZOqSKuxSJ

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